Natural Disaster

Government focuses on drainage to ease flooding

March 26, 2024 6:51 am

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The government has stepped up efforts to resolve long-standing problems with the drainage infrastructure in the country in an effort to reduce the risk of flooding and boost the agriculture industry.

Minister for Agriculture, Vatimi Rayalu, stresses the pressing need to address the poor drainage system that has affected the country for many years.

The minister highlights that the government is shifting away from the blame game and is prioritizing action.

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“We are beginning to fix things that were not done. Like I said, I am one who doesn’t want to point fingers at anyone. I would love to carry on with the job, and the job has been carried out.”

Rayalu reiterates the government’s commitment to improving the drainage system, stating that a new drainage board has been named and gazetted who will be responsible for the repair and maintenance.

Director of national disaster management, Vasiti Soko, echoed a similar sentiment, emphasizing the government’s proactive approach to resolving the drainage issue.

The Minister believes that the government’s decisive action on the drainage system reflects a commitment to addressing critical infrastructure challenges and improving the lives of citizens across the nation during flooding.