Forum focuses on strengthening food security

December 6, 2023 12:54 pm

The profound impact of climate change on agriculture took centre stage at the 6th Climate Outlook Forum, which begins in Suva today.

The focus was particularly on addressing pressing concerns related to food security, which is under threat from evolving weather conditions.

The forum serves as a platform for stakeholders to contribute ideas on disseminating relevant information effectively.

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Meteorological Services Deputy Secretary of Operations George Tavo says the agriculture sector confronts substantial challenges, and without proactive measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, a decline in the economic contribution from agriculture is anticipated.

“I think one of the important factors is to actually know that climate change is having a very big impact in agriculture sector. Severe drought patterns, it really affects productivity. Something that will also have economic impacts on gambling in terms of the revenue that normally generated through the agriculture sector.”

Meteorological Services Deputy Secretary of Operations George Tavo

Fiji Met Services Acting Director, Adarsh Kumar, highlights their pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of timely and effective advisories that can assist farmers.

“The objective here is that we understand the need of the agriculture sector and we are able to tailor make our warnings, advisors and our products so that we can help them in decision making, especially in terms of trying to get more food security.”

Upon completion of the workshop, Fiji Met Services plans to re-strategize its resources and methods.

This initiative is geared towards meeting the current demands and challenges faced by the agriculture sector.