FEO introduces School Election Toolkits

February 2, 2024 11:26 am

[Source: Supplied]

The Fijian Elections Office will roll out the School Election Toolkits to schools across the country starting next year.

However, ten schools in the Central Division have become pioneers in this ground-breaking initiative aimed at fostering democracy and civic engagement among our youth.

Acting Supervisor of Elections Ana Mataiciwa says this initiative marks a significant milestone in their efforts to enhance voter engagement through hands-on learning.

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Acting Supervisor of Elections Ana Mataiciwa [Source: Supplied]

Mataiciwa says that by providing schools with election toolkits, they aim to equip them with the resources and knowledge needed to conduct fair and transparent student elections.

She says the toolkits, which consist of a guide, customized resources, and election materials, will provide a positive learning experience for students by demonstrating the value of voting as a decision-making tool and a democratic right.

[Source: Supplied]

The ten schools pioneering the initiative are Suva Grammar School, Rishkul Sanatan College, Suva Muslim College, Marist Brother High Schools, Jeremaiah College, Adi Cakobau School, Vunimono High School, Dilkusha High School, Noco Secondary School, and Bau Central College.