Fijians unite against Japan's wastewater disposal

August 25, 2023 11:23 am

Nearly 400 Fijians took to the streets of Suva today raising their voices in a fervent plea to safeguard the ocean and secure the well-being of generations to come.

The spirited march comes in staunch opposition to Japan’s move to discharge nuclear wastewater into the Pacific Ocean.

Chants of “Protect our ocean and our future generations” reverberated through the city as protestors, hailing from all walks of life, conveyed their fervent demand for immediate action.

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The protest march, organized by the Fiji NGO Coalition on Human Rights stresses the urgency of the matter and seeks to galvanize parliamentary leaders into taking a resolute stance against Japan’s impending wastewater disposal.

A notable highlight of the gathering was the impassioned call for parliamentarians to wield their influence and put a halt to Japan’s plans, thereby shielding the Pacific Ocean from potential environmental harm.

The protestors didn’t shy away from expressing their concerns outright, advocating that if the nuclear wastewater were truly safe, it would be more fittingly discharged within Japan’s own borders, with Tokyo being suggested as a possible alternative.