Exciting matchups at 117th Fiji Open

May 30, 2024 4:36 pm

The Extra Fiji Open 2024 will be exciting as a total of 231 matches will be played during the 5-day tournament.

Tennis Fiji President Romil Patel expresses his enthusiasm for the event, highlighting its significance as the 117th edition of the Fiji Open.

Patel says it’s a huge achievement to have this tournament running for so long and the response has been fantastic.

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He says ever since kicking off yesterday, its been shaping out to be a fantastic competition.

Patel states the tournament’s diverse lineup is a testament to its growing prestige as players from various Pacific nations have converged in Fiji, bringing with them unique styles and strategies.

“Usually, the Fiji Open is seen as like a grand slam of the Pacific Islands. It’s the best of the Pacific plus those players who can come from Australia, New Zealand and over the years we’ve had some fantastic players. We’ve had a lot of overseas players win this tournament. Last year was won by a New Zealand, he was 17 years old, a player who won.”

One of the highlights of this year’s tournament is the participation of Charles Storm Cornish, Fiji’s gold medalist at last year’s Pacific Games.

The tournament which is being played in Denarau will end on Sunday.