Suva FC coach given one last chance to return

March 12, 2024 4:46 pm

[Source: Fiji Football Association/ Facebook]

Flick Suva FC President Intiaz Khan has confirmed that Coach Nigel Khan will be given one more day to return to his duties before they consider replacing him.

Nigel has been absent without official leave for the past three weeks, leaving Intiaz and the Suva panel to handle coaching for the Digicel Fiji Premier League.

Intiaz says that despite not hearing from him, they’ve granted him until today’s afternoon training session before making any decisions.

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“He was supposed to start yesterday but he hasn’t returned my calls so we will see, we will wait and as I’ve said, we have Pita, we have Inosi. Let’s see, let’s see.”

The Suva President assures that operations within the team will continue as usual, focusing on getting them ready for game day.

He adds that team discipline remains a concern, and they are actively addressing this issue as well.

The teams are on a three week break and will return for round five on the first week of next month.