Residents suffer as water supply issues persists

April 11, 2024 4:43 pm

Residents living along the Suva corridor have expressed frustration over the intermittent water supply in their area for the past few weeks.

According to them, this issue has escalated after the Savura pipeline slip.

These have resulted in disruptions in their day-to-day chores, as pressure is also felt by working people and schoolchildren.

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While raising concerns about insufficient water carting supplies, Samabula resident Serupepeli Lailai highlights alternative ways of collecting water for their use.

“For rainwater, now we have to hire a taxi and go to places where there is water to fill up containers, bottles, and other means of collecting water so that we can have water available at home.”

Luisa Lailai and her baby

20-year-old Luisa Lailai, a young mother, also shared challenges in keeping up with hygiene needs.

“In terms of hygiene, it is really not healthy for a young mother to have a newborn baby because we have to do her laundry every now and then and also bathe her every now and then. So, it’s really inconvenient for us during this water cut.”

Suva resident Merewini Tuinavalu echoed similar sentiments.

And it’s very disturbing because it causes our children to not go to school. And as what you call domestic duty parents for not running errands to town and paying bills because you have to stay at home, monitoring our water with all the water that we have kept so far, Because last night was the only time we received water from the water authority in all those three weeks.

While residents are seen depending on rainwater, water carts, and traveling to other places to get water, they are hoping for a normal water supply.

FBC News has sent questions to the Water Authority of Fiji regarding this issue, and they have yet to respond.