NFA Officers need more expert training: Sowane

June 17, 2024 12:13 pm

National Fire Authority Chief Executive, Puamau Sowane says the challenge for Fiji’s fire service now is to have proper training to control lithium-ion battery fires.

Sowane says they also need technical expertise on dealing with proper disposal and associated problems with battery fires as well as have the right Personal Protective Equipment.

He made the comments during the launch of NFA’s Business Continuity Plan and Uniforms.

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Sowane says the electrical vehicle space is also unregulated, as the laws regarding EVs are only in relation to subsidies to encourage more purchasing of such vehicles.

He stresses that collaboration is required in terms of this new technology and how to regulate it.

The NFA Chief says the ever-increasing demand to introduce newer technology to improve livelihoods, has also presents new challenges to the fire service.

He states this is not only limited to Fiji but is a global challenge.

Sowane says the new uniforms represent a new dawn of hope for the firefighters as they stand ready to be able to protect lives and properties from any types of emergencies.

He says collaboration between nations is imperative when looking for solutions.

Sowane adds the NFA will continue to face new challenges in the future, but it is their duty to ensure we stand ready to face it with sustainable solutions.