India to assist sugar industry

February 17, 2023 6:00 am

Minister for Sugar and Multi-Ethnic Affairs Charan Jeath Singh says Fiji will be anticipating a lot more assistance from India in the coming days.

He says during their bilateral meeting with the Minister for External Affairs of India Subramanyam Jaishankar they have discussed getting technology and resources support from India.

He says India has also agreed to help in the reconstruction of Rakiraki Mill.

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“As you all know, the railway system in Fiji is in collapse, and that is the easiest and cheapest mode to transport canes into the mill and for the farmers. And again through his secretariat, he has referred me to certain people to talk to I’m flying out to India on Saturday for Hyderabad for a sugar conference and I will be meeting them at a high-level meeting so I’m pretty sure they will assist us as well.”

Singh says they are also liaising with the government of India to turn the US $50 million loan taken from the Exim Bank into a grant.

Singh also states that Jaishankar’s visit symbolizes that Fiji has a strong bond with India.