Health Ministry urges caution amidst risk of infectious diseases

December 4, 2023 6:49 am

As the holiday season approaches, Head of the Pediatric Department Dr. Ilisapeci Vereti is sounding the alarm about an elevated risk of infectious diseases, accidents, and other health concerns.

Dr. Vereti has emphasized the need for heightened parental vigilance, comprehensive care, and swift medical intervention to ensure a healthy and joyous festive season, with particular attention to the vulnerabilities of children.

The pediatric HOD notes that the impending hot season tends to bring about a surge in infectious diseases, adding urgency to the call for proactive measures.

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“Usually, about this time, we see things like chickenpox and hand-footed mouth, and we see a rise in influenza cases.”

Dr. Vereti is urging parents and caregivers to be diligent in supervising their children.

“They’re just not being supervised. There might be some burns as well, and just a word of caution to parents and caregivers: please supervise their children during this time and in the school holidays, and also ensure that they eat well and rest well.”

As families gear up for the festive season, health authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant, take preventive measures, and prioritize the health of the younger members of the community to guarantee a safe and joyful Christmas for all.