Fiji Hardwood unveils strategic plan

March 28, 2024 5:53 am

In a bid to enhance its operations and ensure long-term profitability, the Fiji Hardwood Corporation has announced a new strategic plan that encompasses several key areas, including legislative review, good governance, and a significant increase in the annual harvest quota.

Fiji Hardwood Corporation General Manager Semi Draunibaka emphasizes that the company will be able to turn a profit by double the amount of the yearly harvest quota due to the legislative changes.

The general manager stresses the importance of operating the corporation as an independent company.

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“License buyers will buy mahogany from Fiji Hardwood and be able to export it overseas, process it, and export it overseas.”

Fiji Hardwood Corporation General Manager Semi Draunibaka

Draunibaka is optimistic that these changes will not only increase production but also improve overall efficiency and profitability.

Fiji Hardwood Board Chair Iowane Naiveli

Fiji Hardwood Board Chair Iowane Naiveli is adamant that the company will be well-positioned for success and sustainable expansion in the years to come.

“A review of the current mahogany legislation and a restructure of the mahogany industry. Introduction of good governance and turning the company into a profitable entity, and the possibility for Fiji Hardwood to venture into further processing, value-adding, and marketing of mahogany products internationally.”

The Fiji Hardwood Corporation’s strategic plan reflects its commitment to encouraging growth, enhancing governance practices, and ensuring the sustainable management of Fiji’s valuable hardwood resources.