FDB affirms commitment towards sustainability

May 24, 2024 11:35 am

Fiji Development Bank. [File Photo]

The Fiji Development Bank has achieved a milestone in environmental sustainability by diverting 1.9 tons of recyclables from landfills and dumpsites for recycling.

This was achieved through the Pacific Recycling Foundation’s I Recycle Hub Program, in partnership with the USAID Clean Cities Blue Ocean program.

Fiji Development Bank CEO Saud Minam says they are delighted that FDB is making a positive impact.

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Minam adds that they will continue to work towards a sustainable Fiji.

Pacific Recycling Foundation Founder Amitesh Deo has acknowledged FDB’s dedication to its recycling advocates, staff, and tenants.

Deo says this effort underscores the FDB’s pivotal role in environmental conservation.

FDB have collected and redirected for recycling 81 kg of plastic, 329.5 kg of glass bottles, 426.5 kg of PET bottles, 1 tonne of cardboard and paper, and 47.5 kg of tin and aluminium cans.

This accomplishment recorded from September 14th, 2023 to May 21st 2024 marks the highest collection among the four implementing sites under this program.