NVF calls for inclusive education

April 3, 2024 6:45 am

New Vision Fiji advocates for inclusive education, particularly for children with disabilities, recognizing the importance of equal opportunities.

They have observed instances where children with disabilities face barriers to mainstream education and call for their inclusion in schools.

Executive Officer Rajneel Prasad requests that this be considered as it concerns children with disabilities.

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“New Vision Fiji is more particular in involving children with disabilities for having inclusive and equal opportunities for education, we have visited many villagers where we came across that students with disabilities were not allowed or accepted in the mainstream education, we request that if this can be looked into and allowing some of the children with disabilities, with minor disabilities if they can be given an opportunity to be part of the mainstream school.”

Prasad adds that proper transportation for persons with disabilities around the country, particularly in all the provinces, should also be looked into.

The New Vision of Fiji has its principles of being transparent and inclusive providing equal services to all Fijians with disabilities.