Cane farmers excited about new season

June 6, 2023 12:10 pm

The much-anticipated cane-crushing season has kicked off in Lautoka, marking the beginning of an exciting period for farmers and the sugar industry.

With the arrival of this new season, farmers have wasted no time in harvesting their crops and ensuring a steady supply of high-quality cane to the mills.

Cane farmer Mohammad Khan says the start of the cane crushing season brings renewed hope and enthusiasm to cane farmers in the Western Division.

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“We have already arranged our cane cutters and our trucks are ready because it’s a time in June they must start our crushing season by the time they start in mid-August the cane starts getting bad.”

Khan says farmers have meticulously tended to their cane fields, implementing modern farming practices, and utilizing their expertise to ensure the production of premium-quality cane.

Nadi grower Shain Khan says cane farming is in her blood as generations of her family were involved with the industry.

“I don’t feel shy to be working with men, actually this is a very lazy job for a man to do, if a man can do it why not we. This is just a one-month hard work to be done in the sugarcane and then your 11 months is free if you harvest your cane at the right time.”

The crushing season brings economic opportunities and fosters a sense of unity within the farming community.

As the crushing season gains momentum, farmers are optimistic about the future.

They remain committed to upholding the sugar industry’s legacy and supporting their communities through their hard work and dedication.