Sky Pacific to air all Super Rugby matches

January 23, 2024 4:37 pm

Digicel CEO Farid Mohammed (left), Fijian Drua Head of Commercial and Marketing Shane Hussein

Super Rugby enthusiasts will be able to view all 91 thrilling Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific matches on Sky Pacific and the DTV App.

The announcement was made today by Digicel Fiji CEO Farid Mohammed in Nabua.

Mohammed says people in Fiji will have the ability to watch all games of their favourite teams in the Super Rugby Pacific competition not only on Sky Pacific but for the first time on their smartphones on the DTV app.

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“I have much pleasure in bringing to our press and our rugby fans in Fiji the message that Digicel Fiji with Sky Pacific has once again secured all broadcast rights.”

Fijian Drua Head of Commercial and Marketing Shane Hussein says that it’s because of these coverage’s that fans can enjoy Super Rugby from the comfort of their homes.

“You really can attest and attribute the popularity of this competition – Super Rugby Pacific to Sky Pacific as they have been consistently bringing it to Fiji screens at least for the past 21 years that I can remember.”

Shane adds that Sky Pacific has played a crucial role in the popularity of the sport.

The Swire Shipping Fijian Drua will take on the Blues in their first match on the 24th of next month in Whangarei.

Meanwhile, you can also catch all of the Drua’s game LIVE on the FBC Sports HD channel.