Fiji Hockey finds silver lining in venue struggles

September 4, 2023 12:15 pm

With only two months left until the Pacific Games, Fiji Hockey faces the challenge of finding suitable venues due to the lack of available facilities.

Along with Athletics Fiji and Swimming, they have had to explore alternative options for training their teams.

The hockey turf, HFC Stadium tracks, and the Aquatic Centre are all undergoing renovations, leaving these teams without a place to prepare.

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While the turf in Laucala Bay is almost finished, it won’t be ready in time for Fiji Hockey’s needs.

However, the team’s coach, Alsace Smith, is determined to find solutions and keep their players in top shape for the upcoming competition.

“We are solution based, we will always look for a solution. Just like you have volleyball and soccer which can be played at any place, the same applies to hockey. Thanks to the Sports Council, we managed to book the Victoria Courts and utilize the small space and time that we have.”

Fiji Hockey had its final trials yesterday at the Victoria Courts in Suva.

Nine players will represent Fiji Hockey at the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.