Semi-finals debut for Namuka-I-Lau

April 1, 2024 3:43 pm

Namuka-I-Lau team at Albert Park earlier today.

The Namuka-I-Lau Cricket side which consists of 14 players, have created history for themselves by reaching the semi-finals of the National Easter Cricket Championship after more than a decade of participation.

It was a moment of mixed emotions for the team, who knew that their dedication to training and building off past tournaments had finally paid off.

Former national rep Ledua Peniseni is confident in his team’s abilities to make history.

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“This is the first time and all I can say is our hard work over the years has paid off – in the past, there was no team spirit we all wanted to do our own thing but this year is very different, we haven’t lost any games so far.”

He adds significant progress has been evident in all facets of their team.

The team acknowledges that nothing is impossible and believes this is a stepping stone to something greater in future tournaments.

The final of the competition will be held at 8am tomorrow at Albert Park in Suva.