Wainiyavu elders fight marijuana cultivation

February 24, 2024 4:47 pm

The issue of marijuana cultivation persists in the village of Wainiyavu, situated in the interior of Namosi province.

Village headman Suliano Naborisi acknowledges that, despite efforts to deter the cultivation of marijuana, some farmers continue to engage in this activity.

Naborisi says the police regularly visits the village to conduct raids on farms, aiming an end to it.

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“This is an issue, and I will continue to work with farmers to ensure that they continue with their normal farming as we have commodities. The village is occasionally marked as a Red Zone area due to the presence of marijuana cultivation. This is my third year in the village of Turaga ni Koro, and we work to ensure that farmers know that marijuana cultivation is illegal.”

Suliano Naborisi

Naborisi emphasizes that these raids are conducted to ensure villagers can continue their normal farming activities without engaging in illegal practices.

The village acknowledges the importance of addressing this issue to safeguard the well-being of its residents and maintain a law-abiding community.