WAF briefs DPM Prasad on repair works

March 28, 2024 4:48 pm

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/Facebook]

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Biman Prasad today inspected the progress of works being carried out at the raw water trunk main outlet along Savura Road.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Seru Soderberg, briefed Minister Prasad on the various phases that need to be achieved on the road before repairs to the broken DN600 raw water pipeline can be performed.

Soderberg says this is likely to be carried out by tomorrow, weather permitting.

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He adds that they are currently undertaking the soil stabilization.

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/Facebook]

Since this is a public road and is utilized by the public, including public transport, we must ensure that the backfilling materials and everything that we are doing onsite abide by the road standards. This is just to make sure that in another event, such as what happened on Tuesday, the fall site doesn’t get washed away as well.

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/Facebook]

Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad has commended WAF for their timely response to fixing the major disruption to the system.

“Because of the landslide, there has been big damage to the main pipeline, and obviously, the update that we are getting from WAF is that it is already on the way to being fixed.”

Prasad also acknowledged the importance of the Water Sector 2050 Strategy in identifying the long-term investment needed to build climate resilience in our critical water infrastructure.