WAF accelerates repair efforts amid break in rain

March 28, 2024 2:16 pm

[Source: FRA/ Facebook]

The break in rain has allowed the Water Authority team to progress faster with fixing works at the raw water trunk main outlet along Savura Road.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Seru Soderberg, says the operations team working with the contractor, Flame Tree Development Ltd., has made commendable progress in rectifying the affected pipelines.

Soderberg says at this rate, if the weather holds, they hope to have the repair work completed by tomorrow.

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He adds that the next phase is to restore the raw water trunk mains towards the Tamavua Treatment Plant.

The Chief Operating Officer says soil stabilization works have commenced and are progressing well, although all progress remains subject to weather conditions.

He adds that WAF maintains close collaboration with the National Disaster Management Office team.

Soderberg has acknowledged that the surplus in water requests is beyond their current capacity but has assured that they are committed to promptly addressing the demand.