Volunteers unite for change

December 4, 2023 12:07 pm

The foundation of many non-governmental organizations in the country have been made up of dedicated volunteers.

These individuals are voluntarily giving up their free time for grassroots initiatives.

Assistant Minister for Women, Sashi Kiran, says the strength of this group’s passion, who come from diverse backgrounds is evident in their desire to bring about change.

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Kiran highlights the potential of harnessing this collective energy, emphasizing the transformative impact of bringing people together from various walks of life.

“If we are to generate that passion for change across barriers, you know, when we do things and we’re able to involve people of different ethnicities and different abilities, imagine the power of everyone when something like that will happen.”

According to Kiran, the ultimate goal is to get to a place where everyone works together to bring about the change they want, which contributes to nation-building.