Climate Change

Vanuavatu residents appeal for urgent action against encroaching seas

January 9, 2024 7:10 am

[File Photo]

Climate change has become an urgent and daily concern for villagers on Vanuavatu Island in the Lau group, as rising sea levels pose a direct threat to their homes and communities.

Island representative Semesa Makutu highlighted the ongoing battle against the encroaching seawater, stressing the need for immediate assistance to address the escalating issue.

The village is grappling with the gradual erosion of its coastline, with seawater encroaching closer to the heart of the community.

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Makutu has appealed for urgent assistance to construct a seawall that can serve as a protective barrier.

“We are facing the impacts of climate change daily. The seawater continues to move into our homes, and we are losing meters of our beachfront. It is a fight we cannot afford to lose. We need a seawall, and that is the only way we will be safe. We are seeking assistance from various organizations to help us in this.”

The appeal for assistance extends to various organizations, emphasizing the collaborative effort needed to mitigate the immediate risks faced by the island community.

The plea from Vanuavatu Island serves as a reminder of the localized impacts of global climate change and the urgency required in addressing the needs of vulnerable communities.