Transnational crime remains a constant battle

January 23, 2023 10:05 am

[File Photo]

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Services is collaborating with its partners to combat transnational crime.

According to Chief Executive Mark Dixon, the focus is now being placed on an intelligence-driven approach.

“The way we target future interceptions by criminal groups has to be intelligence driven so it is a slightly different skill set going forward. We are working very very closely with our coalition partners the Australians the New Zealand customs agencies, we are working very closely with the Fijian Police Force so that together we can take an intelligence driven approach to target likely resources, likely shipments coming through airports, our seaports, we got our search dogs so it a constant battle.”

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Dixon says border protection is important.

“People involved in transnational crime whether it is drugs, whether it is illegal fishing, whether it is illegal cigarettes and tobacco they will seek opportunities everywhere that exists so that’s why protecting our borders is important that is why it is important that revenue and customs services works with the police, works with the defense force, works with all the international agencies so that together we stand the chance of intercepting as many of those illegal activities as we can.”

Dixon says transnational crime remains a significant issue for the country.