Training and Education need to be aligned

January 9, 2023 12:50 pm

Employers need to broaden the skills set of its workforce to address the steady increase in the emigration of skilled labour.

According to Asian Development Bank’s latest Pacific Economic Monitor, more Fijians departed Fiji for emigration and employment purposes in Australia and the US in the first ten months of 2022 than the annual figures since 2016.

ADB’s Senior Economic Officer Isoa Wainiqolo says training and education need to be aligned with the labour market demand.

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“Employers need to work with the education institutions as well as scholarship providers or education assistant providers to make sure that training and education is aligned with labour market demand. I understand this is happening but it needs to be strengthened or fast-tracked with clear timelines.”

ADB’s Senior Economic Officer Isoa Wainiqolo.

Wainiqolo says training is vital to address the problems that are arising from labour migration.

According to Asian Development Bank’s latest Pacific Economic Monitor, one area that needs attention is the expansion of digital infrastructure and access, especially with the rise of online learning.

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It says reliable connectivity, modern equipment, quality curricula, and competent digital skills for both students and educators are necessary to improve education and training and enhance education resilience in the event of disruption.