Three months given to plan for municipal council elections

March 3, 2023 5:40 am

A committee has been established and tasked with providing a plan for the municipal council elections in three months, which will be tabled before Cabinet.

This follows the approval of the process by the Cabinet on January 31st.

Minister for Housing and Local Government, Maciu Nalumisa, says they expect changes in the administration and operations of municipal councils following these elections.

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Nalumisa says this will stimulate renewed enthusiasm in people and address challenges faced by the 13 municipal councils in the country.

“I am aware of the major challenges that the councils have faced and acknowledge the efforts by the special administrators, the chief executive officers, and the council officers to bring about the many changes we needed in the councils.”

Nalumisa says the municipal council elections are expected to improve the delivery of timely and quality services to the general public.

Since the approval of the process by Cabinet on January 31st, the three-month period for the preparation of a plan for the elections ends in May.

This is when the Minister for Local Government is expected to table the action plan to Cabinet and then to Parliament for its approval.