Tabuya champions collaboration for disability inclusivity

December 3, 2023 12:28 pm

Merewalesi Rodan [Source: Fiji Table Tennis Association/Facebook]

Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection Lynda Tabuya has reiterated the need for collaborative efforts to dismantle barriers faced by persons with disabilities in Fiji.

The Minister highlighted the importance of eradicating stigma and ensuring equal access to education, employment, healthcare and social services for everyone, fostering a more just and inclusive society.

Tabuya acknowledged the achievements of persons with disabilities in Fiji, citing their success across various fields as evidence that disability should not be perceived as a hindrance to success.

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Highlighting the achievement of Merewalesi Rodan, part of the Fiji contingent to the 2023 South Pacific Games, Tabuya expressed pride in Rodan’s accomplishments.

She called for recognition of these accomplishments, expressing gratitude to the organizations and individuals advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities.

On this International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Tabuya calls on the government, civil society organizations, businesses and individuals to unite in action.

She stressed the potential to create an inclusive society where persons with disabilities enjoy the same opportunities and rights as others.

She expressed gratitude to caregivers, the unsung heroes supporting the disability sector, and encouraged amplifying their voices and stories.

Tabuya also notes that the government’s dedication is demonstrated through the provision of disability budget lines across all ministries, supporting social protection, inclusive education, accessible housing, inclusive sports, economic empowerment, healthcare, transport and infrastructure.

She also reaffirms the government’s commitment to recognizing the rights of persons with disabilities, emphasizing their invaluable role in shaping a more equitable and sustainable Fiji.