Strict measures to combat drug trafficking

July 4, 2024 4:38 pm

Goundar Shipping's owner and managing director, George Goundar

Goundar Shipping’s owner and managing director, George Goundar, has promised improved tactics to combat the rising number of drug trafficking cases involving the company’s vessels, especially on the Kadavu route.

Goundar stresses the vital need for enforcing strict procedures within the maritime industry to prevent drug-related activities in response to growing concerns.

Goundar discloses that he has terminated close to 18 crew members for their alleged involvement in the drug sales on remote islands.

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“We’ve been asking the police. They need to be more transparent on board the vessel, or we can facilitate having police on board the vessel. The drugs are just rapidly moving nowadays. Not just marijuana, but its hardcore drugs now.”

Goundar is calling for mandatory drug testing for all his shipping crew members.

Kadavu Crime Prevention Committee Chair, Sailasa Boteanakadavu, emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts to address the issue as drug users are well known in the villages and districts in Kadavu.

The joint efforts of Goundar Shipping and the Kadavu Crime Prevention Committee reflect a concerted effort to combat drug trafficking and ensure the safety and security of Fiji’s maritime routes.