Search for escaped inmate continues

March 2, 2024 4:33 pm

Escapee Seveci Navakasai [Source: JK Corrections]

The hunt for escaped inmate Seveci Navakasai enters its second week, with Fiji Corrections Service Acting Commissioner Salote Panapasa confirming ongoing search operations as of this morning.

Navakasai, a habitual burglar serving time for burglary and theft is considered a danger to the public.

Panapasa identifies a significant challenge in community members aiding Navakasai’s escape providing shelter and necessities while withholding information from authorities.

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The Fiji Corrections Service in collaboration with the Fiji Police Force is actively pursuing the search.

Panapasa notes that a circulated picture was taken upon Navakasai’s admission but warns that he may now have a beard and more hair having managed to break the handcuff chain link, though one cuff remains attached to his right wrist.

FCS urges anyone with information on Navakasai’s whereabouts to contact the Police Crime Stoppers or the Fiji Corrections Service on 9905095/9905205.