SCC prioritizes infrastructure maintenance

June 23, 2024 7:27 am

[File Photo]

The Suva City Council is now focusing on the maintenance and re-development of existing infrastructure.

Suva City Council’s Special Administrators Chair, Tevita Boseiwaqa says this is being done to maintain the value of the city’s assets and improve the overall environment, especially at key entry points.

Boseiwaqa has emphasized the critical importance of maintaining existing structures.

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“One of the areas for development that we are focusing on now is infrastructural maintenance. There’s no point in building new ones, this and that when the old ones deteriorated and then they lost it. We lost its value. So now we are focusing on that maintenance, redevelopment.”

Boseiwaqa says SCC is setting an example by prioritizing the renovation and upkeep of its own buildings.

“Before going out, you look within, do what is within your control. So when you talk about buildings we are on renovating, maintaining our buildings first whilst we work with other stakeholders.”

He adds that SCC has the legal authority to enforce maintenance standards across the city however he says that the current enforcement approach is more educational.