Saukuru urges villagers to combat violence together

February 11, 2024 12:36 pm

[Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports FIJI/ Facebook]

The Minister for Youth and Sports has reiterated that the coalition government does not support or tolerate any form of violence against women and children.

Minister Jese Saukuru has urged Nasorowaqa Village community in Labasa to work together in combating such violence.

Highlighting the demographic statistics, Saukuru states that 70 percent of Fiji’s population is below the age of 40.

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[Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports FIJI/ Facebook]

Therefore he acknowledged the challenge this presents and assured that the Ministry will work to promote youth and sports development in the nation.

“As members of the coalition government, we have united today to strongly oppose violence against women and girls. I urge you as a community to come together and tackle the issue.”

Saukuru handed over a rotavator which is aimed at assisting the youth of Nasorowaqa in their business endeavors.

He has encouraged the youth to form cooperatives while starting their businesses, as this would enhance their chances of success.