Road users urged to be vigilant

January 4, 2024 11:00 am

As the new school year approaches, the Land Transport Authority is urging drivers to prioritise road safety.

With schools set to reopen on January 29th, increased traffic activities are expected as parents, students, and school staff commute to and from educational institutions.

LTA Acting Chief Executive, Irimaia Rokosawa, says there is a need for heightened awareness during this period and for all drivers and road users to be extra cautious, particularly in and around school zones.

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Rokosawa says they want to create an environment where children can travel to and from school without any unnecessary risks.

He is advising drivers to avoid speeding in school zones and be particularly vigilant near school patrol signs.

Rokosawa with the influx of students and parents during school drop-off and pick-up times, increased vigilance is necessary to prevent accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

LTA will be actively enforcing traffic laws, and we will not hesitate to apply penalties to those who flout the rules.

To further emphasize the importance of road safety, Rokosawa says the LTA will continue its community outreach and school awareness campaigns on road safety leading up to the reopening of the new school term.