Public urged to use city facilities responsibly

May 31, 2023 4:16 pm

The Suva City Council is calling on people to be more responsible when utilizing public facilities in towns and cities.

This is because they have noted that littering and vandalism remain major concerns for the council.

Chairman Board of Special Administrations Ritesh Singh says Suva being the largest city in the country, they are finding it difficult to maintain cleanliness due to the increased population and different attitudes towards it.

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“One of the things that I would like to see people do is not irresponsibly throw rubbish all over the place, number one. Number two is vandalism. I think it’s still one of those things that we struggle with—that we see once and all that vandalism does happen.”

With an increasing influx of tourists, Singh emphasized the need to uphold the city’s cleanliness to maintain its appeal.

“We do have cruise liners, and we are attracting more and more tourists into the city. But these minor events take away the whole highlight of the city. And we would like to create a brand for Suva, obviously attracting more and more people and encouraging more business in the city.”

By forging partnerships and promoting responsible behaviour, SCC aims to address the persistent challenges of littering and vandalism, ultimately fostering a cleaner and more sustainable urban environment.