Potter calls for cooperation to sustain the art

May 20, 2024 4:00 pm

76-year-old, Amelia Yalosavu of Nasilai Village in Rewa

As the creation of pottery is an art which is swiftly disappearing among Fijians, an elder has called for a collective effort to help sustain the art.

76-year-old, Amelia Yalosavu of Nasilai Village in Rewa, who has been a potter for over five decades, stresses the urgency to impart the knowledge to the younger generation, considering the dying practice of this form of art.

Yalosavu emphasizes the significance of youth to learn the art of pottery.

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“I really need the younger generation to learn the art of pottery. Nowadays, a lot of our youth have little to interest in our culture and tradition. We need to work together to help maintain our cultural and traditional art.”

The potter says they are prepared to impart their knowledge to interested individuals.

“I urge Fijians, especially the members of Sawarua in Lokia, Rewa – if parents and children can help teach and learn the art of pottery. Men and women can make pottery. I urge them to visit us, we are offering our time to teach the art of pottery.”

The Ministry of iTaukei Affairs’ Institute of iTaukei Language and Culture has pledged its support towards the sustenance of cultural and traditional art through its ongoing revitalization programs.