Minister calls for Opposition cooperation in national security efforts

February 27, 2024 6:35 am

[File Photo]

Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua has urged the Opposition Party to collaborate constructively with the government in tackling security and drug-related challenges.

Emphasizing the imperative of unity and cooperation for ensuring national safety, Tikoduadua called on politicians to set aside their political disparities and concentrate on the welfare of the Fijian people deeming it the highest priority.

The Minister stressed the substantial progress achieved in recent months in combating drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

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He attributed these successes to the hard work exhibited by the police officers resulting in significant drug busts and the dismantling of criminal networks.

Tikoduadua cautioned against diminishing these accomplishments through political rhetoric, emphasizing the need to acknowledge the complexity of crime and drug trafficking, shaped by various factors including socio-economic conditions.

The Minister outlined the government’s holistic approach to address these root causes encompassing initiatives to enhance education, create job opportunities and improve social services.

Tikoduadua adds that efforts are underway to strengthen law enforcement capabilities as part of a comprehensive strategy.