MATA Dance Group boosts hip-hop fusion

January 12, 2024 4:12 pm

[Source: MATA Dance Fiji/ Facebook]

The MATA Dance Group is promoting the fusion of hip-hop with Fijian culture, observing its expansion among youths.

Since its establishment in 2019, the dance group has provided a platform for talented individuals aged 17–25 to showcase their creative dancing skills.

Group Founder, Tevita Tobeyaweni, says they are dedicated to further explore hip-hop in the dance industry.

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“We are a hip-hop dance company we specialize in hip-hop and harnessing their talent here in Fiji and seeing how the hip-hop dance sector is more established in the years to come. One of the things that the company is really passionate about is seeing how the genre of hip-hop is infused with us as young Fijians and in our culture”.

Tobeyaweni says that through hard work, they have had opportunities to travel and perform on a world-wide stage abroad.

Despite the many challenges they faced, Tobeyaweni hopes to see the dance industry thrive in the coming years.