LTA vows strict enforcement against inappropriate driver conduct

June 11, 2024 5:57 am

The Land Transport Authority is urging Fijians to report instances of dangerous driving behavior.

LTA is also affirming its commitment to enhancing public awareness and enforcing rigorous safety measures.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Irimaia Rokosawa emphasizes the seriousness with which the Authority addresses concerns regarding inappropriate conduct by Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers, applying appropriate penalties for non-compliance with the PSV Drivers Code of Conduct.

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Rokosawa stresses the importance of ensuring the safety of passengers and pedestrians, citing recent incidents revealing lapses in compliance that compromised passenger safety.

He highlights key safety measures outlined in the PSV Drivers Code of Conduct, including the obligation for drivers to take all reasonable precautions to ensure passengers’ safety.

This is during boarding and exiting, waiting until passengers are properly seated or have safely exited the vehicle before moving and avoiding picking up or dropping off passengers in hazardous locations.

Rokosawa stresses the importance of remaining vigilant particularly when children are involved and emphasizes that road safety is a shared responsibility.

He calls on people to exercise good judgment and caution while navigating the roads, urging parents and guardians to educate their children at home about road safety measures to cultivate a culture of safety.

The Authority’s efforts in road safety education and enforcement are highlighted with statistics indicating the impact of various awareness initiatives conducted from January to April 2024.

A total of 893 awareness activities were carried out, impacting 131,055 individuals with a commitment to continue these efforts throughout the year.