Korovavala urges action on climate-induced migration

December 2, 2023 12:24 pm

The Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs Doctor Lesi Korovavala has emphasized the imperative need for collective action in addressing climate-induced human migration.

He highlighted the tangible impacts of rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and environmental degradation.

Speaking at the side event titled “What Next for the Pacific Regional Framework on Climate Mobility,” Korovavala illuminated the Pacific’s joint endeavors in confronting the challenges posed by climate-related human mobility.

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The panel delved into discussions regarding the recently endorsed Pacific Regional Framework on Climate Mobility—a crucial initiative for the health and well-being of Pacific communities.

This framework signifies a commitment to fortify Pacific communities, ensuring they are resilient and prepared for the future.

It is driven by the necessity to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to the adverse impacts of climate change, especially concerning climate-induced mobility.

Led by Fiji in collaboration with the government of Tuvalu, the framework has undergone rigorous review and consultation processes, engaging member states, stakeholders and partners across the region.

Designed to align with the laws and policies of member states, the framework adopts a collaborative approach, with a primary focus on safeguarding the rights, dignity and well-being of those affected by climate-related displacement and mobility.