K-POP provides platform to connect youths

June 11, 2024 6:08 am

The K-Pop Festival held at Suva’s Civic Centre over the weekend was more than just a display of vibrant music and dance; it was a platform for addressing the challenges and aspirations of the younger generation.

Korean Ambassador to Fiji, Kim Jin Hyung, highlights the festival’s broader significance, emphasizing how K-POP enables youth to express their freedom of will and pursue their dreams actively.

The festival fosters closer ties between the youth of Fiji and South Korea, celebrating years of friendship and development between the two nations.

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“The K-Pop Fiji Festival will provide a good momentum for the youth of the two countries to be closer friends. It is also for the strengthened friendship between Fiji and Korea, which has developed over the past 53 years.”

The festival’s competitive segment saw Priya Kumar winning the singing competition, while Vex Dance Group took home the Best Dance prize, with Jua & Maleina and Dusk & Dawn securing second and third places, respectively.

The event exemplified how cultural exchanges like K-POP can serve as a bridge for mutual understanding and cooperation, providing young people with a platform to express their creativity and connect with their peers across borders.