Junior officers blamed for project delays

July 11, 2024 4:07 pm

Opposition Leader Inia Seruiratu

Opposition Leader Inia Seruiratu claims that the involvement of junior officers in document preparation is one of the major causes of the slow implementation of projects in various ministries.

Seruiratu says this also leads to a delay in procurement processes.

He has suggested that permanent secretaries need to be tasked with ensuring that senior officials from the ministries are involved in the processes.

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“The way forward is to get the right officers to do the work so that it can help in terms of expediting the process. I just wanted to make that comment because it will help us move forward.”

Highlighting a change in the administrative structure, Seruiratu says that while there were tender boards previously, the process has now been centralized for control purposes.

He implies that involving more experienced and senior officials could improve efficiency and project delivery across government ministries.