Installation of Ratu Etonia as Tui Levuka tomorrow

May 20, 2024 2:50 pm

The Vanua of Nabukebuke in Levuka is set to formally install Ratu Etonia Seru Rokotuinaceva as the Turaga na Tui Levuka.

Nabukebuke Spokesperson Usaia Delaidriti states that Ratu Seru will be the third Tui Levuka to be traditionally installed.

He is following in the footsteps of the late Tui Levuka Kolinio Rokotuinaceva.

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Delaidriti reveals that each of the ten villages within the district of Levuka will contribute $5,000 along with two whales tooth and 20 kg of grog per village to facilitate the installation proceedings.

The unanimous decision of the Vanua to formally install the Tui Levuka one year ago marked the beginning of preparations for this historic occasion.

Delaidriti stressed the importance of the event to the community and the careful preparation that went into it.

Highlighting the schedule, Delaidriti highlightsthat all guests are expected to be seated by 10 am as the traditional guard of the Tui Levuka will close the roads during the installation ceremony.

During the ceremony, the Bete from Solevu in Bua will present the tabua and the I Ula as symbols of the vanua before tying the vesa to the Tui Levuka, symbolizing his connection and responsibility to his people.

Following the installation, the Tui Levuka will spend four days with the ten chiefs from the district of Levuka engaging in traditional rituals and discussions.

He will then be ceremoniously carried to Naivitabua where he will partake in his traditional bathe and a church service on Sunday.

Ratu Seru will then be given a Holy Bible written in the Ovalau dialect marking the culmination of the installation proceedings.

The installation of Tui Levuka Ratu Etonia Seru Rokotuinaceva is scheduled for tomorrow.