Hike in seafood prices ahead of festive season

December 10, 2023 5:45 am

Seafood lovers will need to fork out a little more from their pockets this festive season as prices have risen due to a number of factors.

While demand often leads to an increase in prices, vendors have also attributed the surge to the rising costs of fishing, climate change, and decreased competition.

Eseta Rakula, a vendor at the Suva market, says she is adjusting prices to align with the increased demand from customers during this festive period.

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“We vendors set prices according to the demand from the customer and another factor that affects the market prices for the seafood is the distance in which we travel to the market. As you know we must ensure every day that whatever we sell must meet our expenses and we also need to make some profit.”

A bundle of fish which used to cost around $25 has now gone up to $30, while the price of crabs are now ranging between $70 and $100.

Rakula adds the price of seafood has increased due to less market competition and an increase in fuel prices.

A customer, Nina Tuimouta, has also expressed her concern with regards to the notable increase in prices; however, she says that it will not deter Fijians from buying seafood this festive season.

“I have noticed the sudden increase in the prices of fish and other seafood delicacies this festive season. I think now as customers we need to work on our budget to ensure everything meets our needs.”

Despite the surge in market food prices, Fijians continue with their shopping spree this busy season.