Government owed $23.8m in rental arrears

February 23, 2023 4:55 pm

The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimoni Vosarogo

The Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimoni Vosarogo, has confirmed that the government is owed $23.8 million in rental arrears, which amounts to 60.3 percent of the potential state lease revenue for 2023.

Vosarogo is encouraging lessees to contact the ministry if they are unable to make payments on time and arrange a payment schedule.

“I mean, right now there are lessees who have not paid, so we really encourage those who are holding state leases to please visit your nearest Ministry of Lands department office and ensure your lease is paid up.”

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Vosarogo states that the timely payment of lease is a condition of the lease and is an important revenue source for the government.

He adds that the ministry is committed to ensuring that the government is able to collect all amounts owed through state leases and related services.