From closure threat to glory with 100% pass rate

January 31, 2024 4:22 pm

Maharishi Sanatan College

In a remarkable turn of events, Maharishi Sanatan College has achieved a momentous milestone by recording a 100% pass rate for Year 13 students last year.

This unprecedented achievement marks a significant triumph for the Votualevu based school, which had once faced the looming threat of closure due to dwindling student numbers.

Principal Isei Naqia expresses immense pride in the school’s turnaround and credited it to a collective effort of the staff and students.

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According to Naqia Maharishi College also grappled with a pervasive stigma that deterred parents from enrolling their children.

He says before they would go out looking for students in Year 9 because parents that even lived close to the school opted for other choices.

Naqia says that despite the daunting challenges, the staff remained steadfast in their commitment to revitalizing the institution.

“The school was categorized as a under-performance school. And the ministry usually comes around to assist, in terms of assisting the school. So for the last four years, I’ve put it for a plan of five years to transform the school.”

He adds that through concerted efforts and unwavering dedication, the college witnessed a steady increase in its pass rates over the past few years, culminating in the historic 100% pass rate for Year 13.