Fiji Chamber of Commerce mourns loss of Patel and YP Reddy

January 8, 2024 10:20 am

Y.P Reddy and Vinod Patel

The Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry is mourning the passing of two business leaders, Y.P Reddy and Vinod Patel.

Described as pioneers in their respective industries, the President of the Chamber Dr Nur Bano Ali expressed deep sorrow in a statement.

Dr Ali highlighted the significant contributions of Reddy and Patel and emphasized their roles as founders of now-established and influential business enterprises in Fiji.

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She praised the duo for imparting knowledge and lessons in business discipline and tenacity, leaving a lasting impact on many.

Dr Ali highlights that Reddy Group renowned in the tourism industry and the Vinod Patel Group, synonymous with the hardware sector were acknowledged for their enormous and continued contributions to Fiji’s business, commerce and socio-economy over nearly six decades.

Dr Ali commended the legacies left by these industry giants and states that their exemplary leadership would be eternally remembered.

Meanwhile, Women In Business echoed similar sentiments.

Recognizing Reddy and Patel as business pioneers who garnered immense respect, Dr Nur Bano Ali emphasized the impact their businesses had on numerous women’s livelihoods.

Dr Ali concluded by expressing that the business expertise of these two men provided valuable lessons, serving as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Their legacies, she noted would endure far beyond their lives shaping the future of business in Fiji.