Teachers engaged in career workshop

March 19, 2024 4:57 pm

Career Teachers’ Workshop at FNU’s Namaka Campus today

28 secondary school teachers from around Nadi were part of the Career Teachers’ Workshop at FNU’s Namaka Campus today.

FNU Division of Marketing and Communications Vijayta Sharma says the workshop’s focus is to arm educators with insights into the diverse array of career opportunities available in the labor market.

Sharma says by equipping teachers with this vital information, the initiative aspires to cultivate a deeper understanding among students regarding their future career prospects.

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“Because when students reach form 4 or form 5, that is the time that they are making their subject combinations. They choose their streams, either they want to do science or arts. And usually at this stage, when they are not guided properly, they end up taking weird subject combinations, which affects them when they try to make their career choices towards the end.”

Nasesevia Secondary School Principal Shavneel Kumar says the workshop is critical as it opens dialogue that will help students choose a career path.

Kumar says the workshop also provides a platform for educators to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of the future employment market.

“It guides our students, and it helps in their career paths for their future, especially in the tertiary education. Like interior schools like us, we are not very fortunate to come down to the universities and vocational centers.”

This is the 2nd workshop being held with the first in Ba last week.