Kuruleca advocates creative teaching methods

April 1, 2024 4:15 pm

PS for Education Selina Kuruleca

Permanent Secretary for Education Selina Kuruleca stresses the importance of fostering creativity among teachers to enrich the learning experience in schools.

Recognizing the significance of physical education classes, she emphasizes the value of conducting outdoor sessions for practical demonstrations and fieldwork activities.

According to Kuruleca, integrating creative teaching methods can effectively maintain student engagement and activity within the classroom environment.

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“Does the social studies need to be sitting down and doing social study of writing off the board or can it be social studied when you’re studying the soil, actually go outside and pick up the soil and make it real life. So it can be one hour, but it could also be integrated into every class you do. You’re doing earlier, studying, the topic of area in math’s and parallelograms or squares, triangles, any of that. Don’t have to be sitting in the classroom.”

Kuruleca adds that by embracing creativity and flexibility in teaching practices, educators can inspire a love for learning and empower students to reach their full potential.