Fair compensation and recognition vital: McGrath

November 27, 2023 4:37 pm

Australia Pacific Training Coalition Fiji Director Gareth McGrath

Stakeholders need to unite to transform the training and employment landscapes.

Australia Pacific Training Coalition Fiji Director Gareth McGrath says it is vital to prepare our youth for a future where transferable skills are paramount.

Therefore, McGrath says that other than investing in training, there is a vital need to invest in research and development.

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According to the director, the right training needs to be provided to ensure young Fijians are prepared for a life of employment.

He has underscored the need for fair compensation and recognition of value for those acquiring TVET skills.

“If we want people to do these jobs, if we want them to have these skills and to fulfill that job market, they need to be remunerated well, they need to feel valued, and they need to be in an industry that feels that there is going to be progression for them moving forward.”

He adds the collaborative vision for workforce development signals a shift in how society approaches education, training, and employment, reflecting a commitment to creating a resilient and adaptable workforce prepared for the challenges of the future.