Digital Financial Literacy program to boost business operations

January 13, 2023 4:10 pm

FDB Chief, Saud Minam [left] with Minister of Finance, Professor Biman Prasad [middle]

The Fiji Development Bank has officially launched its Digital Financial Literacy program.

FDB Chief, Saud Minam says they have discovered a need for more financial literacy among customers to help them do their start-ups.

Minam says FDB has collaborated with Visa Financial Services Corporation to provide free digital educational resources that will improve financial literacy among customers.

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“It provides you with a marketing plan. It provides you with the cash plan; it provides you with the savings plan; and some of these are necessary if you want to go to the next level in terms of creating your balance sheets.”

Minister of Finance, Professor Biman Prasad, says such initiatives will help small and medium enterprises scale up their operations.

“I’ve met a lot of businesses in my journey. We’re not the best accountants in the world. We are not degree holders, nor are we intelligent individuals who have received executive management training. These are ordinary people. These are ordinary people who have mastered financial literacy skills, either through small family businesses or through very humble beginnings.”

Prasad also says the government will continue to hold dialogues to support initiatives that benefit the general public.