Five blessings overnight

January 1, 2024 4:27 pm

Midwives at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital successfully delivered five babies from midnight until this morning.

The midwife in charge, Selai Makutu, highlights that despite their varying shifts and challenges, delivering these babies was a great success.

“Since morning, ever since we came in, we’ve had three Cesarean and two normal deliveries, so thank you to the night team. So right now we have about two moms, and that’s good enough for us seven midwives and two interns on the ground. We did feel the pinch of nurses moving to green pastures, but that has not stopped us from continuing on a daily basis.”

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23-year-old mother Apikali Cilavinasiga shared her happiness and joy after holding her baby daughter for the first time.

“I feel so happy because she was born on the first day of January 2024, and she’s a baby girl. First, I was very scared of the labor pain, but after holding the baby, I just fell so happy.”.

The maternity ward displays warmth as dedicated midwives and nurses tirelessly care for every mother during this festive season.