Cooperation is crucial for a strong harvest

March 26, 2024 6:13 am

At least two weeks of bright sunshine are needed to dry out the fields and salvage the crucial 2024 sugarcane crop, says the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji.

SRIF scientist and crop manager, Ameet Raj Singh, says his team is also preparing to visit affected farms.

He says that with proper drying and harvesting conditions, these cane fields can still deliver a successful harvest and boost sugar production at FSC mills.

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The estimated crop yield for this year stands at 1.8 million metric tons, a significant figure for the Fijian economy.

Sugar Cane Growers Council Chief Executive Vimal Dutt emphasized the importance of community spirit during this challenging time.

He is urging all cane farmers to work together and assist one another in clearing waterlogged fields.

Dutt says cooperation is crucial to ensuring a strong harvest and a positive outcome for the industry.